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When buying or selling a home, it is critical to know the questions to ask in order to choose the 'right' relocation strategy and resources for your unique needs.

  • How do I choose an agent?

  • Should I use Zillow or other site to find an agent I can trust?

  • Does the RE Brokerage matter?

  • Can I work with agents at more than one brokerage?

  • How can I access 'off-market' homes?

  • How much should I pay in commissions?

  • How do I avoid hidden fees?

  • How do I choose a lender, moving company, inspector, etc

  • ...and the list of questions goes on!

But far too often consumers don't know how to find the answer to these questions which results in costly financial and emotional mistakes that could have been easily avoided with the 'right' STRATEGY. 

Which is why we are committed to doing things differently!

Whether you are an individual or an employer relocating talent, we serve as a strategic partner and CONSUMER-ADVOCATE in order to ensure buyers, sellers and renters get connected to the services and resources they need without the hidden cost of referral fees!

Discover the 180 Difference!


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Discover the Difference!

New Home

Whether you are an individual considering a move to Texas or a company transferring employees, 180 Relocation offers concierge services designed to create a smooth transition for the entire family.

Our goal:

to ensure our relocation clients find more than a house, but HOME! 

Contact US to learn about our Relocation Services designed to ensure a smooth transition even after the moving van has pulled away!


Choosing the 'right' agent makes all the difference especially if not sure in what area of a large metropolitan area you want to live (Dallas-Fort Worth is the size of Connecticut!).
So 180 Relocation serves as a MatchMaker to ensure  buyers are STRATEGICALLY connected  with LOCAL
 real estate professionals who have the TIME and PROPERTY-TYPE Expertise needed  to serve in the CLIENT'S best interest -- not the agent's need for their next commission.

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Sellers need a STRATEGY designed to:

  • maximize their profit

  • minimize their effort

  • deliver the results expected.

Therefore, our first goal is not to list your home!  It is to help sellers determine the best options to maximize their equity-- even if it's as a For Sale by Owner  -- and charge fees that accurately reflect the services provided and results delivered.

The 180 Relocation Difference

Vetted Relocation Partners

We connect clients moving an unfamiliar city to trusted relocation and real estate providers in order to create a customized  experience to ensure a smooth transition before, during and after the move.


Commissions that accurately reflect services provided and transparent referral fees that capture commissions to benefit the client and never leave an agent underpaid .

Consumer-Centric Real Estate Professionals 

We partner with innovative agents and brokers who share our values and seek to serve in the best interests of today's home buyers, sellers, investors and renters.


"Between my wife and myself, we have bought and sold over a dozen houses in our lives. Lindy is by far the best real estate agent we have EVER had...As we were moving from out-of-state, she took the time to drive us around the Metroplex in order to give us helpful insight about the various areas - not just real estate but schools, shopping, public services, etc. 
She constantly volunteered to do things for us throughout the process. Lindy is proactive and prompt to respond to calls, voicemails, and emails. 
If you are looking to buy or sell a house in the Metroplex area, call Lindy!"

- David (Denver)

"Lindy went way above and beyond helping us relocate from Chicago--starting with a thorough overview of DFW so we could explore the MANY options. After seeing close to 60 homes and none quite the right fit, she found a For Sale By Owner that met our every criteria. And although it meant a reduced commission for her, making sure we found a home we loved remained Lindy's top priority. She did an incredible job mediating the deal with the sellers to ensure all went smoothly from start to finish. Lindy is now affectionately known as the 'House Whisperer' as she refused to let us settle and worked tirelessly until we found the perfect home!"

- R. Powell (Chicago)

"Lindy played a huge part in our lives this year when my parents realized their Southlake home on 4 acres had outgrown them in size and responsibility. She quickly helped them receive an above appraisal offer for their home, allowing them to downsize and have enough money to live out their life. She was diligent, patient and compassionate during an incredibly emotional transition--and became a friend in the process. She found them the perfect home in a secure location in Trophy Club, introduced them to the neighbors and continues to check in on them! I highly recommend Lindy to anyone having to move!"

- M. Holley (Dallas)


180 Relocation LLC

Licensed Real Estate Brokerage

Lindy Chapman, REALTOR®

Owner | Director of Relocation


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